Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Adventures.....

I ignored my blogs this summer, I was busy with school and kids and it was easy to let go, but now that we are back on a schedule, here I am!  Kami took a break from speech therapy up at OHSU for the summer and had fun with ballet, playing with friends and going to the beach and hiking up at Mt Hood.  But, now she on a whole new path and a brand new adventure!

Kami is in all day kindergarten with her favorite teacher, she is taking swimming lessons and is in a new ballet class.  These are major changes for a little girl who does not take to change well, but she is pushing through her anxiety and doing the best she can.  Swimming is the hardest for her, I am not sure where the fear is coming from, she loves the water, but there is something about the pool, maybe not being able to touch that causes her enormous amounts of fear, but she is facing it!