Thursday, September 20, 2012

My dirty little Mom secret....

I have a secret, no, a fear.  I am petrified that Kami will be ‘that kid’, the weird girl, the one no one wants to play with, be seen with, and begs their Mom not to invite to their birthday party.  We all know who I am talking about; every class had a ‘that kid’.  I look back now and wonder if they were autistic or had Asperger’s.  To combat my deep seeded fear, I dress Kami to impress.   When she leaves the house in the morning she is done-up right.  Hair in place complete with bow, outfit ironed and matched with perfection.  My goal…for the other Moms  (and their children) to look at her and think there could be nothing wrong with her, that she looks too put together to have any problems.

Now, she does not come home this way, the bow is gone, hair is disheveled, clothing is wrinkled, and sometimes even torn or stained.  But, for at least five minutes each morning I feel that Kami blends in with all the other kids…she will not be ‘that kid’, she will be befriended, liked, and successful.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Time.....something that is purely relative, we we were young we had too much of it, now there is so little and it flows through our fingers like the fine grains of sand from an hourglass.  This is where I am with Kami, out of time this summer.  Our carefree days of not worrying about the upcoming school year are gone and the stress and worry of what is to come have replaced the feelings of beautiful summer breezes and cloud free sky.  Here is to hoping that the school year will hold a tiny bit of ease!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something new....

New things are not always good things.  Kami started to not feel well at school and came home two days in a row due to stomach complaints.  Once she was at home, her stomach would start to feel better and by the time her older siblings were home, she was perfectly fine.  After talking with her and her teacher, I came to the conclusion that anxiety was the problem.  This is something that OHSU has informed us could develop...I was hoping it would not.  We made it through the next 2 days of school, barely, and got into the doctor to talk about the steps we should take to resolve the issue.  We are now to have some tough love with Kami about school, school is her job and she needs to go, she can talk about all her feelings and concerns after school, but before school, no.  This has been hard, but it is working....I just hope spring break does not ruin all the work we have poured into this turn around with school.

Snow time!

Over President's Day weekend we headed up to Mt hood to spent some fun time in the snow!
 While the older two went snowboarding Kami and Kori had fun tubing and playing in the snow.
 It was great that we found a quiet spot off by the 'slow' sledding slops to hang out, the crowds and noise got to be too much far Kami after about two hours and she was starting to melt down.  But, once we got away from everyone she immersed herself in the snow and relaxed.

 After awhile she was able to hit the tub runs again with my cousin and Kori, fun for all!

And two are gone

Kami was having some fun playing with Daddy before bed and took a little bump to her two front teeth.  Well, she came to me a little while later because one of these teeth was bleeding, I gave it a little wiggle and it felt firm in the gum, so I gave her a paper towel to soak up the small amount of blood.  Within the next 2 hours both of her front teeth came out!  Kami was very excited for the tooth fairy to come and retrieve not one but two teeth!

Party Time....

This little girl turned six.

 So, it is time for cake, or in this case, a cupcake!
 Beautiful birthday wishes.
 A great place to celabrate.
 With good friends.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Someone is Six!

Six years ago I held a beautiful baby girl who fought for her first breath.
 Every time I look into her beautiful blue eyes, my heart soars with love for her.
 Someday I will understand how her mind works, how she thinks....
 but, one thing I know is her heart and it is filled with love.
 I feel so blessed to be love by her, my dear sweet Kami.