Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something new....

New things are not always good things.  Kami started to not feel well at school and came home two days in a row due to stomach complaints.  Once she was at home, her stomach would start to feel better and by the time her older siblings were home, she was perfectly fine.  After talking with her and her teacher, I came to the conclusion that anxiety was the problem.  This is something that OHSU has informed us could develop...I was hoping it would not.  We made it through the next 2 days of school, barely, and got into the doctor to talk about the steps we should take to resolve the issue.  We are now to have some tough love with Kami about school, school is her job and she needs to go, she can talk about all her feelings and concerns after school, but before school, no.  This has been hard, but it is working....I just hope spring break does not ruin all the work we have poured into this turn around with school.

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