Thursday, September 20, 2012

My dirty little Mom secret....

I have a secret, no, a fear.  I am petrified that Kami will be ‘that kid’, the weird girl, the one no one wants to play with, be seen with, and begs their Mom not to invite to their birthday party.  We all know who I am talking about; every class had a ‘that kid’.  I look back now and wonder if they were autistic or had Asperger’s.  To combat my deep seeded fear, I dress Kami to impress.   When she leaves the house in the morning she is done-up right.  Hair in place complete with bow, outfit ironed and matched with perfection.  My goal…for the other Moms  (and their children) to look at her and think there could be nothing wrong with her, that she looks too put together to have any problems.

Now, she does not come home this way, the bow is gone, hair is disheveled, clothing is wrinkled, and sometimes even torn or stained.  But, for at least five minutes each morning I feel that Kami blends in with all the other kids…she will not be ‘that kid’, she will be befriended, liked, and successful.

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